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broodforce Ltd.: a fictive company for a fictive setting

broodforce Ltd. Logo

A product strategy gets generally derived from the product company’s strategy. So before we can start to define our strategy for CoffeeBoy, we should first meet the company in which it will be build: broodforce Ltd. With this post we will open up a fictive, narrative setting in which we will design and develop CoffeeBoy in the role of broodforce Ltd.’s CIO Pete.

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UX Design Process for CoffeeBoy

The Elements Of UX

Many approaches and an arsenal of activities and disciplines exist for the execution of UX design. This post describes the UX design approach according to the book The Elements of User Experience which will be applied for CoffeeBoy. Thereby we’ll distribute the respective activities and disciplines that we’ve seen in the UX Design Basics, Part I post onto five planes.

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UX Design Basics, Part II


Good UX does not come easy. There are crucial things to consider, and even if we bear those things in mind: we have no guarantee that our product will enthuse our users. In spite of that, shall we really conduct UX design at all? This post describes what’s crucial for successful UX, addresses the limitations of UX design and tells why it’s worth to do it all the same.

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UX Design Basics, Part I


Before beginning with the design process of CoffeeBoy I wanted to organize my knowledge about UX design. The upcoming series of posts will give you an introduction to this broad topic. Since some information will be in note form you will get links for further readings. This post describes what UX design is, which activities and disciplines are usually involved, and what they generate.

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