CoffeeBoy Surface, Part VII

CoffeeBoy UI Screen Widths

This is the seventh part in a series of posts presenting the visual design of the CoffeeBoy UI. The recent posts presented CoffeeBoy UI pages supporting xsmall and small screen widths. That is: mobile and tablet screen widths up to 960 pixels. This post shows a choice of pages for larger (medium, large and xlarge) screen widths. See above picture and this post for details about the screen widths.

CoffeeBoy Series Schedule

Coffee Recipes page

Coffee Recipes Page (MD)
Coffee Recipes page (MD) with closed Side Nav
Coffee Recipes Page (LG And XL)
Coffee Recipes page (LG and XL) with opened Side Nav

Modify Coffee Recipe page

Modify Coffee Recipe Page (LG And XL)
Modify Coffee Recipe page (LG and XL)

Tray page

Tray Page (LG And XL)
Tray page (LG and XL)

Up next

In the next post our visual design presentation tour will end with a video showing the CoffeeBoy UI in action. Stay tuned!