CoffeeBoy Surface, Part IV

CoffeeBoy UI Side Nav

This is the fourth part in a series of posts presenting the visual design of the CoffeeBoy UI. In this post we’ll see all pages and some page states which can be found under the Orders menu item in the Side Nav (see above picture). To learn more about the particular data and function elements on these pages, see this post from the skeleton plane.

CoffeeBoy Series Schedule

Orders page

Orders Page (XS And SM)
Orders page (XS and SM)
Orders Page With Favorite Order Dialog (XS And SM)
Favorite Order Dialog (XS and SM)
Orders Page Afer Favorite Tagging (XS And SM)
Orders page after favorite tagging (XS and SM)

Recent Order page

Recent Order Page (XS And SM)
Recent Order page (XS and SM)

Favorite Order page

Favorite Order Page (XS And SM)
Favorite Order page (XS and SM)

Tray page

Tray Page (XS And SM)
Tray page (XS and SM)

Brewing Process page

Brewing Process Page (XS And SM)
Brewing Process page (XS and SM)

Up next

Our visual design presentation tour will go on in the next post. Stay tuned!