Month: January 2016

Use Case 01: Order A Single Cup Of Coffee

Bird's Eye View Of Use Case #01

We’re in the process of designing use cases on the CoffeeBoy UX design structuring plane. Across several posts each use case gets detailed by means of one or more interaction flow chart diagrams as well as explanatory text. In this post we’ll focus on the order a single cup of coffee use case. While the above diagram gives us a bird’s-eye view of this use case, find all details below.

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CoffeeBoy Structure: Use Cases

Use Case

In this post we’ll derive use cases from the major requirement groups created in the recent structuring step. While the use cases will only be briefly described here, subsequent posts will cover them with worthy details by means of interaction flow chart diagrams. This post will also introduce the diagram elements of these interaction flow charts.

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CoffeeBoy Structure: Requirement Groups

CoffeeBoy Structure

Our UX design process continues on the structure plane. Here we’ll perform a series of design steps which will put out essential insights about how the data and functions will be distributed across the UI, which views the UI will feature and how the user will be able to interact with it. This post gives a short introduction to this structuring process. As a first structuring step we’ll then group our requirements.

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