Month: November 2015

CoffeeBoy Strategy, Part III

CoffeeBoy Strategy

With this post we’ll ultimately finish our residence on the strategy plane. Before leaving, we’ll derive further strategic decisions from what we’ve learned about our users in the recent post. We’ll then sum up the CoffeeBoy strategy by formulating two statements which will build a clear product mandate and motivate us for the further design and development steps: the problem statement and the vision statement.

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CoffeeBoy Strategy, Part II


It’s time to get to know our users! After we’ve convinced ourselves what we expect from our product, we’ll now learn what our users might expect from it. In this post we’ll engage a UX agency which will provide us (of course fictional) information about our potential user. Based on this information we’ll then form the representatives of our users: the personas Amy and Bob.

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CoffeeBoy Strategy, Part I

Strategy Plane

With this post we’re landing on the strategy plane. Here we’ll first get to know how the idea for CoffeeBoy actually came up. In the role of broodforce Ltd. CIO Pete we’ll then see how the idea gets further developed in his company after he has presented it to his colleagues. However, in the first strategy part we won’t deal with the desires of our potential users. This will be our duty in the second strategy part in the next post.

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